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Samba Copacabana

With a title as Samba Copacabana, Californian born saxophonist Mark Isbell (1960, Santa Ana) leaves no doubt about what to expect. The musical road Mark Isbell followed during his life somehow had to lead to this recording. more

Combining heartwarming ballads with up-tempo romps, Mark Isbell offers a pleasant, acoustic jazz setting where the listener can find the kinds of swing and syncopation that have given jazz its identity. "Jazz Influence" is among them. more A straight ahead quintet that hits all their marks and then some! more
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Tavynho Bonfá featuring Mark Isbell: Toca Luiz Bonfá

Tavynho Bonfá is a name that immediately makes an association with Luiz Bonfá. "Bonfá" is a name that is cherished by most of the Brazilian music fans. So Tavynho Bonfá already has some credit as soon as he shows up. And after hearing his music, one can only be happy that the name association draws attention to this fantastic guitarist, singer, composer. more